The Broken People From God’s Land

  • Book Author : TIM I GURUNG
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Book Description

Just like everyone else in that small, remote and beautiful village, Mohammed was living a simple, happy and peaceful life with his wife and eight children. They had their own farmlands, goats and water for themselves and life was good. That was of course until a group of strangers suddenly appeared at the village and nothing remained the same again. With time, more outsiders arrived and before too long, they were almost everywhere. New settlements were built, new jobs were created and the villagers welcomed them with open arms as they were their own people. The outsiders were smart, educated and powerful people with higher connections. As they had come with well-thought-out plans and had no intention whatsoever of leaving soon, they were here to stay permanently. While the systematic schemes worked perfectly as planned, the simple and naive villagers hadn't even had the slightest clue about it, and by the time they had realized it, it was already too late. It was not only their farmlands, goats and water that were gone but also their freedom too and the next thing the villagers found themselves was being barricaded in a restricted place like caged animals. With time, the resentment, hatred and bitterness between the two sides grew in great deal and the fighting persisted on indefinitely. How the villagers fought with the superior enemy? What happened to their lands and water that were supposed to be a gift from the God? How Mohammed survived through the infighting? What happ



He was born in a village of western Nepal. He followed the tradition of his village and joined the legendary British Gurkha army at 17. He was at grade 10, never went to university and was self-taught. He retired from the army after serving 13 years and got a pension to prove it. He was stationed in Hong Kong during his entire army career. He returned Hong Kong as a Quality Control in an international company, got to visit all parts of China, and provided opportunities to witness the meteoric rise of China from a backward hinterland and poor communist country to a world-beater. He started his own manufacturing business later on, worked very hard while raising his young family, and succeeded.

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