The Burden of Sweetberry

by Carol Gosa-Summerville
  • Book Author : Carol Gosa-Summerville
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  • Category : Christian Fiction
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Book Description

Candida "Sweetberry" Armstrong, a beautiful, vain woman, has spent her life hustling men. Deacon Josiah Hess has been her lover for twenty years. Unashamed of the affair, they've flaunted it in public, including before his wife. Sweeberry has even borne him a child. Because of his wealth and status, the church has burned a blind eye. Sweetberry is pleased with herself even though church members whisper about her behind her back. Then Luther McGill comes to town. Popular, mysterious, and wealthy as well, he sweeps Sweetberry off her feet and soon proposes marriage. Happy at last, she begins planning their life together. Deacon Hess, however, doesn't bow out gracefully,, and on the church ground after a soul stirring revival, he bludgeons Luther to death. Sweetberry is thrown into the abyss. Insanity looms from demons that show up to taunt her and from the ghost of Luther that appears at her window at night. Then unexpectedly, a shocker is revealed and she discovers that Josiah didn't kill Luther over her but over something much more precious.

Carol Gosa-Summerville


Carol Gosa-Summerville lives in Alabama and believes the south is the heart of the country. She is a connoisseur and lover of southern culture; the food, the music and the colorful characters. Carol enjoys writing about the joys and challenges of navigating the journey of life. As a retired educator, she believes that incorporating science and history into her novels give them depth and makes them more interesting.

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