The Cat, the Rat, and the Hat Wearing Bat

by Sarah Mazor

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Book Description

Silly Uncle Willy is back in town so let the fun begin! The Cat, the Rat, and the Hat Wearing Bat, the hilarious second volume in the Bedtime Stories with Uncle Willy series will have you and your kids bonding through laughter again. Silly Uncle Willy’s wild imagination has a whole town speaking in RHYMES. Not only do the residents of LaRhyme rhyme all the time, but everything around them rhymes. Books in town are available at Hook’s, toys at Joy’s, and steaks at Jake's. The town's favorite doctor is Elizabeth Proctor and the school's only teacher is Abraham Preacher. But it doesn't end there! Fred pays with Ted, Milly plays with Lily, and the animals? You're in for surprise! Perfect reading that guarantees bedtime with a smile! This funny story and hilarious situations are enhanced greatly by fabulously imaginative illustrations, which are guaranteed to bring smiles to your faces and have the kids ask to read this book again and again. KINDLE edition bonus pages: Funny rhyming riddles about animals sounds at LaRhyme. Recommended for kids ages 3 to 8 DID YOU READ SILLY UNCLE WILLY'S FIRST BOOK "ONCE UPON A TIME?" IT'S SO FUNNY... CHECK IT OUT!

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