by Jennifer Tate
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Book Description

Meet your new cookbook – Clean Eating Cookbook for Healthy Weight is an amazing collection of highly nutritious foods and recipes that opens you up to infinite possibilities to a healthy lifestyle. Looking healthy and keeping fit doesn’t have to be complicated, here, you’ll discover 50 easy-to-follow recipes that will lead you through the basics of a life-changing hygienic eating diet. With the help of deep and thorough culinary studies and research, the author was careful to include necessary appetizers, snacks, mains, drinks, desserts and breakfast ideas with countless health benefits that will not leave you feeling deprived. The Clean Eating Cookbook includes: • 50 simple recipes use clean ingredients that deliver satisfying, healthy meals • Pictures for the most of the recipes • Nutrition information for those who watch their weight Opting for this book is a great choice because it’s unmistakably endowed with wonderful ingredients you and your body will love.

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