The Complete Alkaline Diet Guide Book for Beginners: Understand pH, Eat Well with Easy Alkaline Diet Cookbook and more than 50 Delicious Recipes. 10 Day Meal Plan

by Paul Johnston
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Book Description

The Complete Alkaline Diet Guide for Beginners + 55 Easy Recipes: 10 Days Meal Plan to Bring Assuming that you have already done your research on this topic, you have most likely stumbled upon different pieces of evidence that elaborate on the positive impact of alkaline diet. In the last few years, researchers around the world have increasingly reported the importance of acid-alkaline balance. The Alkaline Complete Guide was designed as an easy-to-follow guide to the most common foods that influence your body’s pH level. The basic concept of the Alkaline Diet follows an ideology that believes that the human body turns into a very healthy metabolic machine when acidic (acid forming) foods are completely replaced with Alkaline based ones. Beginning to eat differently can be daunting. With The Alkaline Diet for Beginners you’ll understand how pH works in your body, the pH values of specific foods, and how eating alkaline food can be delicious as well as nourishing. Starting anything for the first time can be daunting. The Alkaline Diet for Beginners makes it easy with useful information for getting started, such as: • Thorough, scientifically proven explanations for exactly what the alkaline diet can―and can’t―change about your health • A sample 10 day Alkaline Diet meal plan that takes the guess work out of what to eat • Tips for sticking with the Alkaline Diet when you’re not preparing the food you’re eating • Alkaline diet recipes that feature fresh, healthy, highl

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