The Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting: Lose Weight, Burn Fat And Heal Your Body Through Fasting

by Richard Baker

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Book Description

Many books, programs, and diets have been written trying to help people lose weight and improve health. However, there is ONE ancient health secret used by thousands of well-known individual throughout the history from famous movie stars to religious leaders allowing them to stay in shape and be healthy. This secret is FASTING and in this book, you will learn how you can use it too in order to lose weight, look great and heal your body. The Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting teaches: What is fasting and why it is so good for our health The long history of fasting Fasting for type 2 diabetics Combining fasting with the keto diet Fasting for weight loss Fasting for women What to expect when fasting 9 different fasting methods including intermittent fasting, longer periods of fasting and extended fasting How to track progress while fasting Secret fasting tips, hacks and FAQs How to avoid potential negative effects of fasting Are you ready to tap into an ancient knowledge that is used by Chris Hemsworth, High Jackman, Beyonce, and many others? Begin reading this book right now and get started!

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