The Corporate Kingdom

by S Ramesh

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Book Description

The Corporate Kingdom:A Pseudo-Scientific Report on the Ecosystem, Habitat and Conversation Status of Select Employee Species with a Special Focus on the Critically Endangered ‘Model Employee’ In spring of 2017, a world-wide group of experts joined hands to assess the conservation status of all known species of employees. This intrepid group dove into the murky depths of the corporate kingdom, and, for over a year, scoured its labyrinthine system, tracking, monitoring and observing various employee species in their natural habitats. The group's findings, first published in the prestigious journal Fauxréal, cover the gamut of employees from the ubiquitous 'sleepwalkers' to the mythical 'principled', with an in-depth focus on the embattled 'model' species. Which corporate creature are you? Are you the hardworking 'model' employee? Or the long-suffering 'crabby'? Is your colleague a 'trickster'? Or perhaps a 'freeloader'? And what about your boss? Read this delightful, fun, and snarky re-imagining of the corporate world to find out all this and more.

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