The Criminal Color; A Book of Realism

by Jeanne Misha Martinez Carter
  • Book Author : Jeanne Misha Martinez Carter
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Book Description

The Criminal Color a Book of Realism is lyrical and powerful, jubilant and heartbreaking, informative and inspirational. It poetically summarizes the realities of racism in an unusual and highly evocative manner while offering hope for reconstruction of social inequalities, altruism, and global tolerance. Ms. Carter’s imaginative photography imparts both elegance and poise to her creative word (world) Through true to life storytelling The Criminal Color a Book of Realism exposes raw and unedited feelings of prejudice unleashed and also gives a superb opposing view of optimistic affirmations meant to uplift the spirit instead of confound it. Ms. Carter set out to hold up a mirror in front of our faces and discovered that the reflection included hers as well. What does your reflection reveal?

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