The Cure for Skinny-Fat Ectomorph

by Gianni La Forza

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Book Description

Are you skinny and under-weight but you also accumulate fat in the lower stomach and lower chest? Do you have small wrists and narrow shoulders? Do you have always struggled to gain muscle and maintain lean body weight? Do you feel constantly tired and your sexual performance has decreased? If these apply to you, you're a skinny-fat ectomorph, and it's likely that you have low testosterone. Your genetics play a very essential role when it comes to transform your physique, but the skinny-fat look has more to do with the modern life. In addition to that, you probably don't know if you should be gaining muscle or losing fat first. Or maintain current weight without gaining fat. What can you do about it?Most fitness programs fail because they’re not structured in order to work with your body type and busy life. The Cure for Skinny-Fat Ectomorph was designed with precisely these goals in mind. This complete training and nutrition program will show you how to build a lean and strong physique in the simplest and most efficient way possible while increasing your testosterone levels in the process. No fads, no false promises, and no complicated methods. Just concise information designed to achieve your dream body. “Absorb what is useful; discard what is not.”

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