The Dark Knights Return: Outcast of the Dark Knight (Book I)

by Yenpri Laypil

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Book Description

Valkin Kendor has no idea who he is. He thinks he’s just a plain ol’ farm boy from Tillmandor, but when the King of the Barbarians captures him, he starts to wonder! He is brought to Hallucagenia, a land he knew only to exist in fairytales and legends, to be trained in a mysterious art beyond the realm of magic and science! Not knowing who to trust, Valkin obeys his captors every command. He learns of powerful leaders and loose alliances. He befriends Tereartre Levon, leader of the Werethallic Wolf Force who informs him that he is the only son of the late, Helleus Kendor, the greatest Dark Knight in all the lands. What Valkin doesn’t know is that Tereartre had killed his father! Elsewhere, trouble is brewing! King Braithwaite of Sarcodia wishes to raze Hallucagenia to the ground. Vallentor, King of the Barbarians, must seek out strong alliances in the upcoming war for survival but time is running out! He joins forces with the Werethall to ride to Volcanock, home of the Minotaurs, in the hope that the Minotaurians will ally with them. The only challenge is, they must traverse through the treacherous Wastelands of Selardor, a journey which no-one has yet accomplished!

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