The Dark Secret (The Haunting of Greyfield Manor Book 1)

by Carrie King

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Book Description

Best Selling Author Carrie KingWaters of betrayal run deep!Hoping to mend the growing rift in her marriage following an affair, Tiffany Baker treats her husband to a weekend at secluded Greyfield Manor.The rugged and beautiful property is situated on a picturesque bluff overlooking the ocean, but the waters of betrayal run deep. From the moment Tiffany enters the house, strange things start happening.She tries to brush them off, but her nerves already shredded, she begins to think coming to the converted bed and breakfast is nothing more than a horrible mistake.Her husband's mood swings, the odd happenings, and her own emotional turmoil gradually take their toll on her. Will the history of the centuries-old manor house interfere with her desire? Tiffany has high hopes for the weekend. Greyfield Manor has other horrible ideas.The Haunting of Greyfield Manor SeriesBook 1 The Dark SecretBook 2 Evil Spiritual AwakeningBook 3 Deadly Child’s PlayBook 4 Tormented Crossing Over Carrie King British Supernatural, Horror, Occult, Ghost and Haunted House Series.

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