The Darkslayer: Blades in the Night (Book 2 of 6): Sword and Sorcery Series

by Craig Halloran

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Book Description

Only The Darkslayer’s Death Will Do! After tasting defeat at the hands of the mythic Darkslayer, the underling Lords Catten and Verbard are determined to once and for all eliminate this thorn in their side. But they’ll have to wait their turn. After a brutal trip through the Outlands, the brash warrior Venir—aka the Darkslayer—returns to the City of Bone. He quickly has his hands full looking out for his young friends Lefty and Georgio, while also trying to score some easy coin with his old ally Melegal the thief. Along the way, Venir faces threats from the Royal houses of Bone, man-urchins, Shadow Sentries, and two dark figures that he’d left for dead once before. The Mighty Venir Faces The Ultimate Challenge Venir leaves Bone behind, only to run into Jarla, Queen of the Brigands—an old flame who wants him dead. Soon after that the real horror begins, as Catten and Verbard emerge and unleash their worst in the hopes of finally killing the Darkslayer. The Darkslayer Sword and Sorcery series is an epic adventure set in an ingeniously imagined world where bored immortals play with the lives and fates of the unsuspecting beings inhabiting it. Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!

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