The Dead Orphanage

by A.A. Allsop

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Book Description

14-year-old Pete Green woke up knowing only three things: his name, his age and the fact that he was dead. All he has are pajamas, a tie and a one-way bus ticket to a boarding school in AfterLife. Despite losing his memories, he can't shake the feeling that he's left something very important unresolved in the land of the living…Pete arrives at Mrs. Battinsworth's Academy & Haven for Unliving Boys and Girls, a school with vampires in the teachers' lounge and monsters in the cafeteria. As he tries to fit in with his new supernatural classmates, he learns he has unique talents of his own. But when memories from his old life emerge, Pete realizes his family is in grave danger… The newly unliving boy must rely on new friends and incredible powers to save the ones he loves…The Dead Orphanage is the captivating first installment in an action-packed YA fantasy series. If you like fun-filled adventures, fully-realized new worlds, and unlikely heroes, then you'll love A.A. Allsop's coming-of-age tale. Buy The Dead Orphanage today to book your ticket to the other side…

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