The Dig

by Carl Wildrick

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Book Description

An exciting young adult adventure – great read! An adept distance runner and skilled musical theatre performer, Jonny Marshall is approaching graduation. He dreams of the future, longing to claim a simple life employing his talents. Recent changes have made his life complicated. His plans have been unfairly shattered. Jonny has been called to embark on The Dig, a challenging rite of passage. Success is mandatory to ensure the survival of all he holds dear. Born in the idyllic Swan River Confederate Fraternity, Jonny has never been anywhere else. He has never risked travelling beyond the mountains surrounding his homeland. The natural barrier isolates his people from an outside world where Marauders rule and unknown perils lurk. During his harrowing adventure outside the Fraternity, Jonny discovers unimaginable conspiracy and corruption. Revelations shake his beliefs to the core. Moral dilemmas will haunt the rest of his existence if navigated incorrectly. Will Jonny reclaim his tranquil existence and rescue his family? Or will he seize the opportunity to experience an unrestrained life, outside the boundaries of the Fraternity?

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