The Dream Sifter (The Depths of Memory Book 1)

by Candice Bundy

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Book Description

Barren and shamed for her lack, Rai has no memory when she’s placed with an adoptive family, the large and prosperous Durmah Sept. Recurring nightmares pull her into another world–giving glimpses of a past she never recalls while awake. Rai fears for her new family’s safety in light of her mysterious past and newfound, bizarre abilities. Driven by a curiosity Rai can’t deny, she continues to search for the key to her fleeting bits of memory of people and places she has never seen. Aided by her new family and opposed by the formidable Temple Matriarchs and their Guardians, Rai pushes toward remembering and as she strives to know, realizes the horror of who she was and what she is.

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