The Dress-Up Detectives: Go To Pony Paradise! (The Dress-Up Detetives Book 3)

by Bonnie Wiegand

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Book Description

Perfect for girls ages 6 to 9 The Dress-Up Detectives are needed once again! In book 3, the magical dress-up trunk sends Julia, Sydney, and Rosie, three novice sleuths, to Pony Paradise. Trouble is brewing in Pony Paradise. A mystery mess maker has been sneaking into the barn and making a mess of things! Pony Paradise is usually so neat and tidy. What's up with the mess? Why would someone do such a thing? And most importantly, can the Dress-Up Detectives solve the case before the evil cats? Julia, Rosie, and Sydney want to help the horses figure out who has been making a mess of the barn. The yearly pony show can't go on if the ponies are not getting along with each other! Suspicion abounds as the girls run all around the barnyard (including a muddy pigpen!) trying to put together the clues. Join in the fun!

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