The Essential Guide to Puberty In Girls: How to Talk to Your Daughter About Sex, Puberty, and a Girl’s First Period

by Stacy Billows
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Book Description

As your daughter starts to face the changes and challenges that come with puberty - the most trying point of her young life so far - she will need you to be there and guide her. In order to do so, you must equip yourself to talk with her about puberty, her first period, her body's changes, and physical interactions with the opposite sex. This is one of the most important duties you'll have as a parent. You'll need to be prepared with what to say, when to say it, and how to say it, so that your daughter will know what to expect, she will understand the changes that are happening, and she will be more capable of handling it all. If a young girl is educated about the physical and emotional effects brought on by adolescence, then her chances of turning into a well-adjusted young lady with minimal drama are much improved. This book is a guide for every parent out there who’s blessed with a daughter. Now that your little princess isn’t so little anymore, it's time to help guide her through this pivotal moment as she journeys into the next phase of her life. If you do it right, she will trust you as a confidant, and this time in her life will be much easier, since she'll realize that puberty is just an awkward stage that will pass and that she will soon become a beautiful, confident woman.

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