The EvoAngel

by Ellen King Rice
  • Book Author : Ellen King Rice
  • Promo Start : 10/26/2017
  • Promo End : 10/28/2017
  • Category : Action & Adventure
  • Original Price : $2.99

Promo Price: $0.99

Book Description

Where do angels come from? In the woods of the Pacific Northwest, elderly mushroom hunter Edna Morton finds she has sprouted a feather. Edna needs all her wood-wise ways to dodge an ambitious physician and an adoring public as she ponders what genetic triggers are in the local mushrooms. Edna must reach out to scientists knowledgeable in epigenetics as her family navigates the perils of social media.

Ellen King Rice


Ellen King Rice is a former wildlife biologist with a passion for epigenetics and an interest in fungi. She loves the mystery of autumn and the allure of dark chocolate.

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