The Finder

by Carl Wildrick

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Book Description

"wow what a story .... the stamps, the sparkles, the power sources, the potentate, mind control ,middle school ... a great tale" ... "Loved it! hope you have the movie rights all secure - this trilogy would make a great movie" “Great entertainment for readers of all ages" FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE – BOOK ONE Carter Owens was leading a charmed life, devoting his time to soccer, the game he loves. Academically and athletically gifted, popular at his middle school, and blessed with a loving family, things couldn’t be better for him, until suddenly his world is torn apart by tragedy. His younger sister disappears without a trace. His family life begins to unravel and swirls further out of control after his grandfather passes away. Carter inherits his grandfather’s stamp collection. As he examines it, he uncovers shocking technology hidden within the stamps, and he realizes they might be the key to finding out what happened to his sister. Join Carter and his closest friends Alex, Vic, and Ellery as they begin revealing the dark secrets surrounding Carter's missing sibling and start down a path leading them toward an ancient conspiracy masterminded by powerful adversaries. Along the way they have some amazing adventures, interact with dinosaurs, meet soccer legends, and witness the birth of the United States.

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