The Gardener Prince

by farideh jahandideh
  • Book Author : farideh jahandideh
  • Promo Start : 06/13/2019
  • Promo End : 07/13/2019
  • Category : Christian Fiction
  • Original Price : $9.99

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Book Description

The present book is the sequel of ‘The Little Prince' By Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The theme of the book is about a child with the small body but great soul. However, he is after a great reality which is hidden in the body of a beautiful rose, lost and is a symbol of the truthful soul existing in all human being and which is lost sometimes. The Little Prince encounters some beauties and ugliness and he attempts to turn the ugliness into beauties. In fact, he travels to internal depths, human real identity and finally the starting place of beauties. This book steers you to a united reality regardless of any religion, race and geographical zone.

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