The Genesis of Destiny (The Erlonan Tales Book 1)

by D. L. Jordan

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Book Description

When the people of a utopian civilization are plagued by an evil being that threatens their existence, it's up to one boy to save them all! The Erlonan Tales: The Genesis of Destiny is a thrilling, compelling, and high-paced novel about Dean Richardson who, at the tender age of seven years-old, is taken during a family trip by mysterious beings to a mesmerizing land called Yailon-- a place filled with exotic wonders, strange inventions, and diverse, heart-warming characters. Under these circumstances, Dean is brought under the wing of a loving family and eventually learns to adapt to the ways of the Yailonians, never hearing from his beloved family again. Many years later, when Yailon is threatened by a relentless villain, Dean is a teenager who's faced with the challenge of defeating the evil that seeks to destroy it. With the help of those around him, will young Dean Richardson convince the Yailonians that with togetherness and courage they can overcome any obstacle? Will he be able to help the Yailonians while overcoming the crippling traumas of his past?

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