The ghost in the garden

by Alexander Stivaros
  • Book Author : Alexander Stivaros
  • Promo Start : 09/25/2018
  • Promo End : 01/10/2018
  • Category : Paranormal Romance
  • Original Price : $2.58

Promo Price: $2.45

Book Description

‘The Ghost In The Garden’ is a romantic, paranormal novella. When Nicola Lawson moves into her new home, she isn’t expecting to be sharing it with anyone. Let alone, with the one of the previous owners – who’s been dead for more than twenty years. As she tries to make sense of it all and attempts to unravel what’s happening in the present she can’t escape what’s happened in the past. If Nicola tries to alter history, how will it effect her both in the present and the future?

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