The Golden Thread

by Lionel Refson

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Book Description

The Golden Thread is a simple and yet paradoxically complex multi-layered book with a major difference. It is a work of historical fiction, unusually containing factual, ground-breaking theology that will change the readers mind about the nature of God and religion. At the same time it also provides solutions for all those suffering from religious guilt and fear. The reason for combining these genres in this way is simple. It brings the theology to life and it is the theology that is most important here. Accompany the book's main character Godfrey Eton, as he attempts to put the theology into actual practice. across 19th century Europe . Whilst the theology cannot be argued with, his horrific methods of putting it into practice will make you think either he is completely delusional or else sane but misguided, not in his thoughts, but rather in his actions. God, religion, murder and madness are the themes of The Golden Thread and by the end the Reader will gain the most precious insight into the nature of God and religion in this world. Those who suffer from religious guilt and fear will have a new solution to their issues. This book deals with complex issues of theology and mental health in a multi-faceted way.

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