by J.P. Reedman

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Book Description

Short story collection of approx 65-70 pages. Original fantasy based on Celtic themes and ancient traditional legends retold anew. Romance, tragedy, mythology, joy. Paying the Piper--The old gods are dying. Mabon sets out to find someone who can help a victim. Halfbreed- Keiron laughs at funerals and weeps at weddings. In him runs the capricious blood of the Sidhe. Leaving his home, he seeks to be with his faerie mother's people...but will this proud and amoral people accept him? Aine of Knockgreine-- Aine is bound to her fairy hill by an enchanted chain placed on her ankle by her father, because she refuses to wed the lord of his choice. Then one day she meets a wounded mortal, who in return for healing, agrees to free her from her bonds. The Wistman's Price-Alban is a fugitive, and makes a deal with a dark rider on the moor. What will his freedom cost him? Plus retellings of the classic Children of Lir, Tam Lin and Cornwall's Cherry of Zennor.

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