The Illusionary Bargain

by Christopher Volkay

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Book Description

Consider Buddha's first, very famous Noble Truth "Life is Suffering." Into this big ball of gooey fun the human being 'belly flops' in and is blasted in the chops with all this harshness, pain and misery, (our lovely 'human condition'). So he instantly begins inventing truckloads of sunny, soothing lies and fantasies to ease the pain. Almost every person has their own little private world of shimmering delusions & fantasies. These act as Gigantor erasers for all that is unpleasant. (Which is one damn, hell of a lot, I might add.) At first they are great, Wunderbar, they bring ease and relief, but in the long run, as they are illusions they serve to keep us as weak, whiny little children who pout a lot and threaten to take their ball home. And these illusions are destructive, they can destroy our time, take our money, gut our feelings of self-worth, and even take sometimes our lives. Endless delusions or reality, what will it be?

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