The Immortal Lover (Revised)

by A. White

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Book Description

The legend of the Immortal Lover is older than time as we know it. It's older than our very universe. All things can not seen nor measured through our limited perception of reality. Some must be felt with the heart and soul rather than seen for they no longer exist. The story speaks of many worlds have existed, lived, and have fallen long before our creation. He came not to this world on his own free will, but stayed on his own free will. He stayed for the love of a woman. Down through the ages his name has been heard and often feared. He's the legendary lover who served as the inspiration for romance worldwide. Many believe he may have been Casanova himself. Some say he's actually Eros while others say he is Adonis. But a few have known for sure and lived to tell the story. His heavenly name is Azazael. He existed in every culture and society as an Emperor, Ruler, Chief, King, prince, warrior, Duke, Marquess, Earl, Count, Viscount, or Baron but most often as god. The formerly heavenly prince, king and general was once been a Watcher. He grew weary of the tedious task and stepped out of the ethereal into the the corporeal world and has dwell among mankind since. Through the ages, he have had many loves but only only one true love and he'll not rest until he finds her again.

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