The incredible story of Dennis the cavity

by Emma Gertony

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Book Description

Does your baby know how important it is to brush their teeth? Probably, but do they know why they should repeat this long and boring chore again and again? This is an interesting story about Dennis the dental caries and his friends that lived in Josh's mouth! This book will show your children how soft drinks, sweets, and cake, can hurt their teeth, and that Dennis is not a good boy, and isn’t worthy of being friends with your teeth! Every day after school, Josh would gulp down milk with the cookies, cake, or candy his Grandmother was always making for him. He would then have at least 1 glass or sometimes 2 glasses of soda pop. He loved candy, cakes, chocolate milk and soda pop. He loved sugar and would eat it every day. He believed it made him a better gamer. Dennis the dental caries had been hiding out in the back of Josh’s mouth waiting for the dental to be over. Dennis had chuckled that the dentist had missed him once again and that he would be back to try to take over Josh’s mouth one tooth at a time, one day in the very near future. That day was now. Dennis crawled out from behind a big tooth, called a molar, on the left side of Josh’s mouth. He had been sleeping in the gooey plaque that was building up just under the gum line…..

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