The Inspired Writer: Motivation to begin your writing journey

by Deb Graham
  • Book Author : Deb Graham
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  • Category : Non-Fiction
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Book Description

Have you always wanted to write a book? Different than a how-to-write craft book, The Inspired Writer will encourage you to see your potential and motivate you into publishing the next best-seller. In these engaging essays laced with upbeat humor you’ll find the boost you need to write your own book, blog, journal, or letter home. Author of 22 published books, including the best-selling Cruise Addict’s Wife series, Deb Graham offers advice on how to move your words forward into print, whether indie or traditionally published. Ideal for novelists, nonfiction writers, bloggers, even journal-keepers. If you dream of writing or crave some uplift, The Inspired Writer is for you!

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