The Irish Immigrant Girl

by J.P. Reedman
  • Book Author : J.P. Reedman
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Book Description

Ireland, early 1900's... Mary Tierney longs to leave home. Da' Joe is violent and drunk and Mammy downtrodden, aged before her time. She longs to find a new life for when a job comes up as a domestic in Liverpool, Mary takes the chance. But when she arrives, she finds the job offer is for something very different to what was in the advertisement...something no decent girl would want to get involved in. Terrifies, she flees what is clearly a house of ill-repute, with the sinister 'Ginger Jack' hot on her heels... Will Mary escape the pitfalls of a young immigrant girl and make her way in pre-WWI England? Will she end her days as a servant to others, or will she find love in the end? Based on a true story. Novella of approximately 20,000 words

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