The key to self improvment: How to transform your life with the knowledge of habit formation

by Jaime Burnside

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Book Description

If you struggle to quit bad habits such as smoking or over eating, then you need to read this book. Do you ever wish you could be more productive throughout the day? Or wish you could think more clearly and stay focused on tasks? Or maybe you are someone that wants to improve their physical fitness and wellbeing but just can’t get into the habit of daily exercise and healthy eating. Well this is the book for you, this book contains all the information needed so that anyone can quit any habit and form new ones. In this book you will learn about what habits really are and will learn how to use this information form new positive habits in their place, it explains the important role habits play in our life and after reading this book you will be able to take re-control of your life. This book will teach you what you need to do in order bring many benefits into your life such as: •Becoming more productive everyday •Having the right mindset and strategy needed to achieve your own goals •Being able to think more clearly throughout the day •Improved sleep quality •Increased attention span •Improve your memory and concentration Forming new habits is very difficult to do without the right information and mindset, this book contains many tips and tricks that I personally learned during my own journey of self-development.

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