The Kratom Cure: Potent Plant for Pain, Anxiety, Addiction

by Joanne Hillyer

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Book Description

This book will teach you about all the potential uses of kratom, including its use as a natural a pain killer, stimulant, and anti-depressant. The first chapter talks about what kratom is, where it is found, and what potential benefits and drawbacks come with its use. It also answers the question of why it has become more popular in recent years, despite its having been around for thousands of years. The book then follows kratom from its origins in the distant past to its use today around the world. It checks out the science behind the effects of kratom and what makes it act like a stimulant as well as an opiate. We will then answer the question of how it is used and sold, what are the different strains, and what effects they have. The book also includes a discussion of “Kratom Tourism” in Thailand and Southeast Asia and what potential benefits and dangers you might face. We also provide a discussion on its traditional uses and how the culture of kratom has evolved in Thailand and elsewhere as well as potential legal issues pertaining to kratom, so you know exactly where you stand if you buy it. Finally, we will have a look at where we see kratom going in the future – is it going to be hailed as a great natural remedy or will it be banned completely?

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