The Livingness: The Source of Being

by Brian. P. Williams
  • Book Author : Brian. P. Williams
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Book Description

“… stand alone under the stars quietly and are in awe at the wonder, magnificence and beauty. Now slow this down a bit. Maybe you are attributing this wonder to the stars. Yes, they are amazing, but the experience you are feeling, the beauty, is within you. The truth of that beauty is within you. You experience it in that moment. It is you. It is the Livingness.”Brian Williams, ex-psychologist, leap-frogs the philosophical, religious and intellectual debates to show clearly we are indeed a grand multi-levelled mystery.In simple language and the use of analogous true stories, films and poetry he reveals the Truth for anyone to see. It’s the street food of the soul.the Livingness reveals how:Chopin downloaded his musicWe derive our best ideasTo see the source of our love & worthWe experience Truth and BeautyMeaning is a living energyThis truly original book shows howdespite the deceptions of life we canfind our true self and express it.

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