The Longevity Remedy

by Sherzod Kayumov

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Book Description

The Longevity Remedy: The Key to Discovering the Mysteries & Facts of a Long Life and Making it Feasible & Harmonious! In this book, human life is represented as the four seasons of nature (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). The author tells about the basics of a healthy lifestyle of prophylactic activities on the basis of scientific data and gives beneficial methods on how to maintain and increase the human capacity. There are so many examples in which a human can have great opportunities to extend life and decelerate aging. The book includes several helpful tips regarding the seasonal sicknesses of nature, the causes of their appearance, prevention, and treatments for them. The author hopes that the thoughts expressed in the book will help a wide population live a healthier life and fight noxious habits. At the end of the book, you can find some bonuses concerning the best way of living life. All Secrets you want to know about Longevity are hidden in this Book!

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