The Magic Hour

by Regina Clarke
  • Book Author : Regina Clarke
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

Before full night comes, when the air is indigo and objects less distinct, time and space can shift…this is the magic hour. For homicide detective Nathan Byrne, it is a time that signals chaos. As he tracks down art thefts connected to a murder in an abandoned mine, his head injury from a car accident triggers blackouts that pull him into the shadows of an alternate world, one that seems much more than a hallucination. Sent by his captain into a backwater small town in the Pacific Northwest to get his act together, Nathan finds himself drawn to the slower pace of life the town holds, to the work of solving a real-life murder with the local sheriff, and to Sela, an artist and preacher. But the blackouts continue and each time he is drawn deeper into the destiny of a mysterious place called Elaimat whose leader, Naliv, tells him her world and his own have the same origin, and both are at risk without his help. As the border between the two worlds continues to merge, he is terrified he'll lose his grip on what is real and there will be no way back.

Regina Clarke


Regina Clarke follows her passions for reading mysteries, watching film noir and 1950s science fiction B-grade (often C-grade) movies and feeling reverence for nature and all wildlife. She lives in the ancient terrain of the Hudson River Valley, and it pleases her no end to live not very far from where Rod Serling grew up and Jane Roberts encountered Seth. Her stories have appeared in Thrice Fiction, Kzine, Mad Scientist Journal, NewMyths, Aurora Wolf, Alien Dimensions, and T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog, among others. Her novel MARI was a finalist in the ListenUp Audiobooks competition and her short stories “Calliope” and "Stopover" were featured on The Strange Recital podcast in Woodstock, NY.

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