The Man with Two Names

by Vincent B. Davis Ii

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Book Description

"Gripping and Graphic... Davis’s narrative strengths lie in portraying the horrifying realities of war and in vivifying the ancient setting..." --(Publishers Weekly) Rebel, traitor, and public enemy Quintus Sertorius has been fighting against Rome for over a decade. Nearing what he believes is the end of his fight, he recalls how he reached this point. "The Man With Two Names" is the first chapter in his autobiographical account. He shares how he went from being a provincial nobody to serving one of the leading families in Rome, how he joined the Roman legion, and how he eventually lived through one of the worst defeats in Roman military history. Follow Quintus as he takes you through the underbelly of Roman politics, and the horrifying realties of war, giving you a front row seat to what he calls "the death of the Roman Republic".

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