The Marlow Project

by L M Barrett

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Book Description

When ambition becomes a killer. A fast-paced suspense full of twists and turns. For fans of Black Mirror – where the use of technology comes with a dark side. After years of relentlessly pursuing his dream, the brilliant Dr Marlow finally achieves his life ambition with his pioneering brain surgery. Read about his unusual methods and what happens when the project gets in the wrong hands. Set in the near future, Dr Marlow has worked tirelessly all his life. With the support of his loving wife, he finally achieves his breakthrough. Due to the peculiar nature of this breakthrough – the transfer of brains to other bodies – it attracts the wrong sort of attention. A story which explores Dr Marlow and some of his patients; read about how it all goes deadly wrong when demand exceeds supply. When Dr Marlow finds out what’s really been going on, he must go to drastic lengths to save his project.

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