The Match Of Life Presents.: The Mat.

by Timothy Mitchell
  • Book Author : Timothy Mitchell
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

I love this sport so much until I wanted to learn everything there is to know about this great sport. I'm also a person who has been through some things and situations. Some I caused, and some just happen to me when dealing with this thing called; LIFE. I'm just like most. I've had good and bad come my way in life. I've done many things that wasn't smart or right, for which I paid a price for. One smart thing I did, was joining the wrestling team in junior high school.Being a wrestler. I learned how to handle many situations that have come my way. I feel there's nothing I can't achieve or have anything to fear. This is a direct result from being a wrestler. This book is about me becoming a wrestler, how it relates to life and how wrestling has helped me on and off the mat(life). This book show how to can think like a wrestler even if you're not a wrestler.

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