The Methodology: How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Attract Your Desires

by Teshome Wasie

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Book Description

Why isn't the Law of Attraction (LOA) working for most of people who try it? Why some people succeed, and some don't? Well the reason is that they missed to understand and apply the key tools and techniques while applying the law of attraction. This book is for you if you want to: ->Know the history, concepts and principles of the Law of Attraction ->Know the parties involved in the LOA ->Know the requirements of Desires and Processor (Universe) in the LOA ->Understand and apply the key LOA tools and techniques for business ->Understand and apply the key LOA tools and techniques for personal life ->Apply LOA tools and techniques to: -Attract love -Attract money -Attract health -Stop negative patterns -Delete negatives -Shift from negative to positive -Overcome anxiety -> Many practice exercises and Real Life success stories -> AND so much more… Download Now at: Australia:

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