The Midday Murders

by Jazzlen Breeze

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Book Description

Kenner Price is a seasoned homicide detective working out of New York City's busy 36th Precinct in Midtown Manhattan. From pimps to pushers, burglars to murderers, he's put them all away in his 20 plus years of pounding the pavement of this concrete jungle known as the city that never sleeps. Yes, he's seen all....or so he thought. Out of nowhere a string of unconventional midday murders all bearing the same cryptographical clue begins happening within the confines of his precinct. From the beginning, there's no doubt it's the work of a serial killer, but as the body count grows the murders get more and more grotesquely inventive. Meanwhile, as fear and frustrations mount among the citizens, an investigative reporter with a natural knack for instigating, sensationalizing and knowing things she shouldn't, uses her news pulpit to tease and taunt both police and killer with unexpected results. As Kenner and killer, (who's subsequently dubbed 'Midday') continue their tumultuous dialogue between murders, an unforeseen fly in the ointment upsets their game of "Cat and Mouse" transforming it to a realm of high stakes "No Holds Barred." Now that the boundaries of their game have changed and shifts to overdrive, Kenner must race against time to apprehend Midday and bring his midday murderous mayhem to a grinding halt.

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