The Mind at Ease: 10 Mini-Habits for anyone who is stressed in the Age of Information Overload

by Manuel Salas

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Book Description

This world has changed now, and we are living in a lot of pressure. Every other person we come across is a victim of pressure, including ourselves, and it is causing chaos in society. Information overload plays a major part in its auxiliary. Many bloggers and writers have put effort and have decided to help. This book is a part of one of those efforts as well. However, what differentiates this book from any other blog, article, or book is its approach to deal with information overload. This book focuses on the ten everyday habits that every person can implement and follow in their life. Also, the major highlight of this book is the stress buster activities given at the end of every chapter. These stress buster activities are tried and tested activities that majorly impact the person’s behavior, and allow them to control their stress level, uplift your morals. Along with those activities, a thoroughly researched and tried and tested diet chart is attached that will guide you to maintain your stress-level all along. Even for a slow reader, it will hardly take 2 to 2.5 hours for them to read this book completely. 2.5 hours is not too much time to read this amazing book that may change your life for good. What more surprising is that this book is written in simple layman language that will be helpful for people to understand. This book is suitable for people of every age, ethnicity, and social class. Let Manuel Salas help you deal with Information Overload in the 21st century!

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