The Monsters Under the Bed

by Russell Dorn

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Book Description

A collection of scary stories from the monsters under the bed. There are many scary things out there—bugs, ghosts, aliens, hungry beasts, and clowns—to name a few. Perhaps scariest of all of these things are monsters. They could be lurking in that dark corner, or just outside your window on a stormy night, or, worst of all, they could be waiting to grab your ankles from under the bed! Unknown creatures that might eat you or drag you back to their stinky lairs and never let you go. But what if even monsters got scared? What if they never wanted to scare you in the first place; just to be your friend? The following spooky stories are from the mouths of the monsters themselves so you can see their point-of-view and put yourself in their monstrous shoes to see what scares them.

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