The Mountain’s Secret. Everyone has secrets. Sometimes those secrets are deadly

by Mr. Mintz

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Book Description

Lyrical writing, complete with gorgeous illustrations done in a cartoon style, makes this a book that you won't want to put down! By a city long forgotten, there stands a mountain. It seems to be a regular mountain, but things that seem regular rarely are. Everyone has secrets. Dive in and discover what this mountain's secret is. Reality meets fantasy in this gripping tale about trust, betrayal, and things that don't always turn out to be the way they seem. This book tells a scary story suitable for children, pairing gorgeous illustrations with vivid writing. If your child or teenager is interested in worlds beyond our own and stories that don't always turn out the way you expect them to, this could be the book for them! It will be a great fit for anyone ages 9-13. This book explores the darker side of fairy tales in a way that is suitable for younger children. This brings nuisance to fairy tales, which could be interesting for readers who have grown tired of the same repetitive fairy tale being read to them over and over again. This graphic novel puts a new spin a traditional st0ory that you think you know the ending to. The illustrations also give the book a much more comic book feel to the table, which is a step up from the more simplistic style usually used in children’s graphic novels. This graphic novel is an exploration of fairy tales and a cautionary tale rolled into one and it’s a read that 9-12 year olds are sure to enjoy!

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