The mystery of sales increase

by John R.Z.
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Book Description

“Entrepreneurs all over the world have earned billions of dollars thanks to these marketing and sales techniques.” -- Adam W. (entrepreneur, businessman with a years of experience in online business) Yes, it is true. Entrepreneurs all over the world utilized techniques described in this publication for acquiring new customers to their business to finally earned a billions dollars thanks for them. It is no matters how much customers you have now and how much they pay for your services or products or how often they buy. The main driving force of every business (including yours) is constant inflow of new customers to avhieve this, you have to have sales plan. Thanks to them you have to opportunity to develop and scale your business. New customers provide your companies stabilization and develop, thanks to which you can as an entrepreneur build your business accordingly to your rules. This is what you want! Is it true? This publication has to help you achieve this goal. It is divided into two relationally parts. The first one covers the secret formula which allow you to keep clear, reproducable and scalable sales and marketing processes, even if you don't have employees (In this case you are responsible for sales and marketing departments and their effects). The second one covers over than 50 techniques of acquiring customers independently from which kind of business you provide. This can be business of services, business of ecommerce, local business or another on

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