The Natural Colon Cleanse: Your Guide to Healthy and Natural Colon Cleansing Through Simple Dietary Modifications

by Martin De Kloet
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Book Description

Many people believe that colon cleansing, in the traditional sense, gets rid of the waste that becomes built up on the colon walls, in order to eliminate toxins that can permeate into your blood stream and cause symptoms such as weight gain, irritability, and fatigue. But what the typical advertised cleanse actually does is just accelerate the expulsion of fecal matter in the colon. So, what you see coming out of your body may have been from what you ate in the past three days, and not the accumulation of all the toxins in your body. Plus, commercial cleanses don’t really absorb all the toxic waste in the body. Sure, there are nutrients in some of the supplements that are on the market, but the body already has a darn good system for getting rid of toxins in the blood, through the work of naturally functioning kidneys and the liver. We’re not here to bash colon cleansing, but rather to show you that there is a much healthier and more natural method that will help you get the results which colon cleanse proponents advertise. You can have glowing skin, achieve significant weight loss, and even feel more energetic, like you’re floating on air, and more, all by adjusting only one thing: your diet. In this book, we’ll show you the science-backed, natural way of cleansing your colon that will have you feeling like a new and improved version of yourself in no time.

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