The Only One: Book 2 – Mail Order Bride Stories of Rescued Faith – A Sweet Western Historical Romance Series

by Jenny Creek Tanner
  • Book Author : Jenny Creek Tanner
  • Promo Start : 06/17/2017
  • Promo End : 06/20/2017
  • Category : Romance
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Promo Price: $0.99

Book Description

How could revealing a tragic truth and exposing a lie ever lead to healing and love? In her new "Mail Order Bride Stories of Rescued Faith- A Sweet Western Historical Romance" series, Jenny Creek Tanner tells the stories of young families struggling with guilt over the death of a spouse, and how they find rescue when they open their lives, and souls, to the love of another. Estella Mapleton is not the picture perfect vision of femininity. She likes reading too much and is much taller and broader than other women. At age thirty, she is quickly running out of options if she’s ever going to have her own household to take care of, so she decides to do the one thing she told God she’d never do: become a mail order bride. Royce James and his daughter, Amy, suffered a great loss when his wife died two years ago, but Royce feels as if he’s still dealing with loss. His daughter, now eight-years-old, stopped speaking the day her mother was found dead. In his mind, the only way to give her proper and adequate care, is to find himself a bride to watch after her. Will the challenges of being married to a man she barely knows cause Estella's faith to waiver? Will Estella ever be able to truly find love like the great love stories she reads? Will Royce begin to have feelings for Estella, feelings he never thought possible? And will Royce's daughter Amy find her way through her pain with Estella's help, and help them all find the love they so desperately seek?

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