The Passion Of A Gentleman: A Pendleton Regency Romance Short Story

by Amy Field
  • Book Author : Amy Field
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Arielle Seabourn maybe of aristocratic lineage, but in the words of her sister, the wife of the Baron of Pelham, 'a little boisterous with a heart for adventure and no time for etiquette.' The handsome, eligible Earl of Pendleton may have caught her eye, but he is, so, so staid! But then again, she’ll do anything, but anything to escape the boredom of life as a young single woman stuck in a manor house, so she devises a rather wicked plan to save the Earl from himself, and net herself a husband in the process! But has she kept the consequences of the plan in mind, given the Earl’s sense of decorum, which stretches from dinner table to bedroom? Of course not. And that’s where the trouble starts… Download and enjoy this riveting and inspiring story of honor, love and hope among the aristocracy during the glory days of England!

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