The Pilhannaw: A Journey into the Wilderness

by Richard French
  • Book Author : Richard French
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Book Description

Late in his life, a 17th century governor works to free his colony from a blast of witchcraft hysteria Mid-17th century North America. Simon Willoughby, who has been governor of Sagadac for most of its 19-year existence, takes on the greatest challenge of his life when he decides to thwart a wave of witchcraft hysteria that washes through the colony.He faces a powerful opponent.. Hugh Ridley, the young, ambitious deputy governor, stirs up people to stand against Willoughby and tries to force him from office because of what he calls his weakness and incompetence.How does Willoughby respond? Can he defeat his overzealous adversary?This is the story of how a young, primitive, isolated community decides what it will be and what heritage it will pass to future generations. "The Pilhannaw" is based on an isolated case of witchcraft in puritan Boston in the mid 17th century.The story affirms one of the age-old tenets of our culture -- that injustice and tyranny may have their time in the sun but right prevails in the long run and new communities develop political maturity.If you like novels that tie in with our long literary tradition, you’ll appreciate this one set in a time and place that most readers are unfamiliar with. Buy this book now to read a story from America’s early days that shows a determined leader taking bold steps to solve an urgent problem.

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