The Sales Operations Handbook: A Primer on the Sales Operations Function

by WW Chee
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Book Description

Are you considering a career in sales operations? Perhaps you have just started such employment and are eager to know as much as possible? If that is the case, then this book is perfect for you. Sales Operations Handbook: A Primer on the Sales Operations Function, delivers the basics of sales operations for people just like you and is a ‘must read’ to help answer your questions. Inside these pages, you will find all the information you wanted, written in an easy-to-follow format and including: The role of sales operations Primary functions Secondary functions Sales tools Trends And much more… There is also a handy case study at the end of the book, which examines a scenario that is common in this line of business, to help you better understand what you could encounter and how to find a solution. When it comes to sales operations you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. The competition is just too intense. That’s why you MUST read the Sales Operations Handbook now. It will make all the difference in your new career.

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