The Scandalous Alpha Trucker: The Bad boy Women Seducer

by Sara Adams
  • Book Author : Sara Adams
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  • Category : Erotica
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Book Description

I am only in this city to deliver this package and leave without having any sex with hookersor anything else that my mind can get me into.I just had to stop for 1 drink…That ALL.The night is young and I wanting for something.In comes a sexy little lady that had a body of an hour glass.Her A%% was round like the curvature of the moon.Her petite breasts sat up like 2 firm hills in a lost valley.I should leave now before I get myself into something that I can’t get out of.But I started thinking with my other head between my legs instead of the one on my shoulders.I began to talk and she began to listen.Before I knew it we were neck and neck in a bathroom stall with no clothes on.After we finish she gives me her business card.I fell in love with her, something that I don’t even do.Her name was Tina.I had to find her again, the lust for her was too hot for me to forget the sex we just had.It would lead me down a dark path with drugs, orgies and whole lot more I wasn’t ready for.I’m a alpha…I can handle anything.At least that’s what I thought.Will this End the way I want it too or will this be the end of me.Download it and find out.

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