The Secret Science of Numerology Volume 1 by Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya

by Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya
  • Book Author : Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya
  • Promo Start : 04/12/2019
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  • Category : General Non-Fiction
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Promo Price: $23.95

Book Description

The Ultimate Remedial & Comprehensive Guide on Analyzing Numbers for achieving Success, Happiness, Relationships, Health, Wealth & more... Every soul that chooses to visit planet earth comes here to learn certain lessons and to fulfill on certain Karmic Lessons and/or Karmic Debts. However, God has given us the FREE WILL to help us prepare and become ready for the journey of life such that we complete the lessons and tests of life in flying colors. This book is primarily meant for students of Numerology and for people who intend to make Numerology as their primary profession and for people looking for authenticated information with regard to Numerology studies.

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